Tragedy Sepakbola Terparah di Dunia

Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

01. National Stadium Tragedy / The 1964 Lima football riot of May 24, 1964

Deaths: 318
Location: Peru
Stadium: Estadio Nacional (National Stadium)
Match: Peru and Argentina
Event: Qualifier 1964 Summer Olympics Tokyo

Argentina was winning one to zero, when, with two minutes left in the game, a goal by Peru's Bertolotti Andrés was annulled.

This decision angered the public and marked the beginning of the violence.

02. Accra Sports Stadium disaster / Accra, Ghana on May 9, 2001
Deaths: 127
Location: Ghana
Stadium: Accra Sports Stadium
Match: Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club and Asante Kotoko
Event: Ghana League.

The home side scored two late goals to defeat Kotoko 2-1 which led to disappointed Kotoko fans throwing plastic seats and bottles onto the pitch.

03. Hillsborough disaster / 15 April 1989 Sheffield, England
Deaths: 96
Location: England
Stadium: Hillsborough Stadium
Match: Liverpool and Nottingham Forest
Event: FA Cup semi-final.

Many thousands of fans entered through a narrow tunnel at the rear of the terrace and into the two already overcrowded central pens, causing a huge crush at the front of the terrace.

04. Kathmandu stadium disaster / 12 March 1988
Deaths 93
Location: Nepal
Stadium: Dasarath Rangasala Stadium
Match: -
Event: -
The crowd surged towards the only cover (the west stand) but were beaten back by the police.

They then returned to the south terrace where a crush developed in a tunnel exit through the terrace.

The crowd could not escape because the stadium doors were locked, causing a fatal crush at the front.

05. Port Said Stadium clashes / 1 February 2012
Deaths 79
Location: Egypt
Stadium: Port Said Stadium
Match: Al-Masry Club and Al-Ahly S.C.
Event: Egypt League.

Thousands of people stormed the field, following a 3–1 victory by Al-Masry.

Rival fans attacked the Al-Ahly players and their fans, who tried to escape, with knives, swords, clubs, stones, bottles, and fireworks.

06. 1971 Ibrox disaster / 2 January 1971 Glasgow
Deaths 66
Location: Scotland
Stadium: Ibrox Stadium
Match: Celtic and Rangers
Event: Scottish League.

Supporters tried to leave the stadium.
 As thousands of spectators were leaving the ground by stairway 13, it appears that someone, possibly a child being carried on his father's shoulders, fell, causing a massive chain-reaction pile-up of people.

07. Luzhniki disaster / 20 October 1982 Moscow
Deaths 66
Location: Soviet Union (now Russia)
Stadium: Lenin Stadium (now known as Luzhniki Stadium)
Match: FC Spartak Moscow and HFC Haarlem
Event: UEFA Cup second round

Some fans from the East Stand used Stairway 2 to get out, but many more rushed to Stairway 1, one of the girls stumbled and fall near a bottom of the Stairway 1 of the East Stand.
A couple of people stopped, trying to help her, but the moving crowd on the stairs promptly crashed them to the ground.

08. Bradford City stadium fire / 11 May 1985 Bradford

Deaths: 56
Location: England
Stadium: Valley Parade / the Coral Windows Stadium
Match: Bradford City and Lincoln City
Event: League Third Division

It is believed the fire started when a spectator dropped a match, lit cigarette or tobacco, which fell through holes in the stand to rubbish which had accumulated below.

One witness saw paper or debris on fire, about nine inches below the floor boards.

09. Ellis Park Stadium disaster / 11 April 2001 Johannesburg
Deaths: 43
Location: South Africa
Stadium: Ellis Park Stadium
Match: Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates
Event: South Africa League

As the crowd surged to gain seats and see the pitch, they overspilled into press boxes.

As the stampede pressed forward, 43 people were crushed to death.

10. Oppenheimer Stadium disaster / 13 January 1991 Orkney
Deaths: 42
Location: South Africa
Stadium: Oppenheimer Stadium
Match: Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates
Event: South Africa League
The referee upheld a goal scored by the Chiefs, and supporters of the Pirates objected.
Pirates fans threw cans and fruit at Chiefs fans, and allegedly some knife-wielding Pirates fans attacked Chiefs fans.

11. 1967 Kayseri Atatürk Stadium disaster / September 17, 1967 Kayseri
Deaths: 40
Location: Turkey
Stadium: Atatürk Stadium
Match: Kayserispor and Sivasspor
Event: Turkey League

Supporters of the two teams threw rocks to each other.
Some of the hooligans were also armed with bats and knives.

12. Heysel Stadium disaster / 29 May 1985 Brussels
Deaths 39
Location: Belgium
Stadium: Heysel Stadium
Match: Liverpool and Juventus
Event: 1985 European Cup Final

Large group of Liverpool fans breached a fence separating them from a "neutral area" which contained rival Juventus fans.

Result 5 years ban for all English clubs from European competition (6 years for Liverpool). 39 Juventus fans died.

13. Burnden Park disaster / 9 March 1946 Bolton
Deaths: 33
Location: England
Stadium: Burnden Park
Match: Bolton Wanderers and Stoke City
Event: FA Cup Quarter-final second-leg

Two barriers in the stand collapsed and the crowd fell forward, crushing those underneath.
The dead and injured were taken from the stand.

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