20 Kecelakaan Pesawat Terparah Di Dunia

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

01 September 11 attacks - 2001 >> pictured
hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001.
- American Airlines Boeing 767-223ER
Flight: Boston to California, crashed it into the North Tower of WTC in New York.
Korban: 87 orang (semua tewas)

 - United Airlines Boeing 767–222
Flight: Boston to California, crashed it into the South Tower of WTC in New York.
Korban: 60 orang (semua tewas)

 - American Airlines Boeing 757-223
Flight: Virginia to California, crashed it into the Pentagon near Washington, D.C
Korban: 59 orang (semua tewas)

- United Airlines Boeing 757–222
Flight: New Jersey to California, crashed into a field near Shanksville Pennsylvania.
Korban: 40 orang (semua tewas)

Total Korban didarat dan diudara: 2.907 orang tewas.

02. Tenerife airport disaster - 1977
two Boeing 747 passenger aircraft collided on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport the Spanish island of Tenerife.
- Pan Am Boeing 747–121
Flight: Los Angeles to Canary Spain
Korban : 335 orang (61 selamat)

- KLM Boeing 747-206B
Flight: Amsterdam to Canary Spain
Korban : 248 orang (semua tewas)

Total Korban: 583 orang

03. Boeing 747 - Japan Airlines - 1985 
crash site was on Osutaka Ridge, near Mount Osutaka.
Flight: Tokyo to Osaka
Korban: 520 orang (4 selamat)

04. Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision - 1996 
two plane collided in mid-air over the village of Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, India.
- Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-168B
Flight: Delhi to Saudi
Korban: 312 orang (semua tewas)
- Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin Il-76 TD
Flight: Kazakhstan to Delhi
Korban: 37 orang (semua tewas)

Total Korban: 349 orang

05.  McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - Turkish Airlines - 1974
crashed in Ermenonville Forest in small village in northern France.
Flight: Istanbul to London
Korban: 346 orang (semua tewas)

06. Air India Flight 182 Bombing  1985
Boeing 747-237B - Air India -1985
blown up by a bomb and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean while in Irish airspace. suspects in the bombing were members of the Sikh militant group Babbar Khalsa.
Flight: Montreal to Delhi
Korban: 329 orang (semua tewas)

07. Ilyushin Il-76 - Iranian Revolutionary Guard - 2003
crash in Kerman, Iran
Flight: Zahedan to Kerman
Korban: 302 orang (semua tewas)

08. Lockheed L1011-200 TriStar - Saudia - 1980
caught fire after takeoff, All people on board died by fire after the aircraft made an emergency landing back at the Riyadh airport.
Flight: Karachi to Jeddah
Korban: 301 orang (semua tewas)

09. Antonov An-32B - Moscow Airways for Air Africa - 1996
failing to take off, the aircraft ploughed into Kinshasa's Simbazikita street market. causing an estimated 300 fatalities. This is the largest number of non-passenger ground fatalities caused by the accidental crash of an aircraft.
Korban: kira-kira 300 orang (banyak korban warga yg berada dipasar, 2 orang yg berada dipesawat)

10.  Iran Air Flight 655 missile attack
Airbus A300B2-203 - Iran Air - 1988
While flying in Iranian airspace over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf , it was destroyed by the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes. United States agreed to pay US$61.8 million, an in compensation of the Iranian victims.
Flight: Tehran to Dubai
Korban: 290 orang (semua tewas)

11. McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - American Airlines - 1979
crashed moments after takeoff.
Flight: Chicago to Los Angeles
Korban: 273 orang (semua tewas)

12. Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing 1988
Boeing 747–121 - Pan Am - 1988
destroyed by a bomb in Lockerbie, in southern Scotland,  the plane fell in the town and destroyed several houses. During the 2011 Libyan civil war a former government official claimed that Muammar Gaddafi had personally ordered the attack
Flight: Frankfurt to Detroit
Korban: 270 orang (semua tewas)

13. Korean Air Lines Flight 007 Shootdown
Boeing 747-230B - Korean Air Lines - 1983
shot down by Soviet interceptor Su-15 on 1 September 1983, over the Sea of Japan, near Moneron Island just west of Sakhalin Island Russia.
Flight: New York to Seoul
Korban: 269 orang (semua tewas)

14. Airbus A300-600 - American Airlines - 2001
crashed into Queens, a borough of New York City, shortly after takeoff .
Flight: New York to Dominica
Korban: 265 orang (semua tewas)

15. Airbus A300B4-622R - China Airlines - 1994
before landing the plane crash and destroyed the aircraft.
Flight: Taipei to Nagoya
Korban: 264 orang (7 selamat)

16. Douglas DC-8-61 - Nolisair on behalf of Nigeria Airways - 1991
after takeoff  the crew attempted to return to the airport of departure for an emergency landing , but the aircraft caught fire and crashed short of the runway.
Flight: Jeddah to Nigeria
Korban: 261 orang (semua tewas)

17.  McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - Air New Zealand - 1979
collided with Mount Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica.
Flight:  Auckland to Auckland
Korban: 257 orang (semua tewas)

18. Douglas DC-8 - Arrow Air - 1985
the aircraft stalled, crashed, and burned about half a mile from the runway. chartered to carry U.S. service personnel, all members of the 101st Airborne Division, United States Army from the Sinai.
Flight: Cairo to Tennessee
Korban: 256 orang (semua tewas) 

crashed into woodlands 29 km  from Medan in low visibility.
Flight: Jakarta to Medan
Korban: 234 orang (semua tewas)

20.  Boeing 747 - Trans World Airlines - 1996
exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York.
Flight: New York to Roma
Korban: 230 orang (semua tewas)

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